Mothers of Preschoolers - Columbia, MO

Mothers of Preschoolers - Columbia, MO

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

NEW Website for MOPS - Columbia

Hello, fellow mom!

This MOPS - Columbia blog is no longer active. Please disregard the below information - it's outdated. Instead, head over to for current details of where we meet and when and why.

Like our public Facebook page at to follow all the latest.
Email us at if you'd like to become a member or have any questions.
Or you can always go to to read more about the international organization.

Thanks for stopping keep going!
MOPS - Columbia
MOPS After Dark

P.S. You are doing a fabulous job raising your little one(s). Remember to be kind to yourself.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

REMEMBER:  New MOPS Year Picnic - September 18th - Stephen's Lake Park - 10:30-12:30!!!  Make sure to bring a packed lunch for the kiddos!  Hope to see you all there!!!
Our kick off meeting of the year was so fun!  I hope everyone - new and old - had a great time!!!  I really look forward to really taking "The Plunge" with all of you and hope to deepen my relationships within my environment. 
There have been a lot of changes made this year and it seems so fitting since once again we will be taking "The Plunge" into new and uncharted waters. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

MOPS Miscarriage and Infant Loss Support Group

If you are someone struggling with the loss of a child then please contact our local MOPS support group.  This is a private and secure way to find others that can relate to you and help you during this time of need.  The email address is: